Publicatie 2021 - Be the future of something else

We educate students to initiate processes and inventive methodologies intrinsic to art and design practices and we stimulate them to search for dialogue with their professional peers and surrounding networks. Each year we are proud to present a new group of bachelor and master graduates. With a selection of work in this publication we celebrate their energy and ideas. Enjoy reading!

It is often said that we need artists and designers to help solve the major societal issues of our time; climate change, the transition to sustainable energy, inequality, and restoring trust in democratic leadership and democracy itself. Their creativity and ability to imagine the world differently, in a myriad of ways, is a source of inspiration for cross sectoral collaboration that enriches civic engagement. However, we should not make the mistake to claim that art and design finds its raison d’être from this capacity. The nature of the arts is intrinsically a space where thinking and experiment takes place freely, not only to be instrumentalised simply as a palliative for socio-political and economic ills. 

The artists and designers we educate at St. Joost School of Art & Design are given the opportunity to develop their creativity through conceptual thinking, imagination and personal narratives that arise from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether they want to make films, performances, tell visual stories or undertake social interactions, learning is personally motivated, and the educational programmes ensure that students are empowered to find their own voice; one that dares to speak out loud. This leads to novel ideas, engaged positions and impactful artworks.

You can find the publication here

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