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The School of Fine Art and Design AKV|St.Joost offers one-term courses (30 EC) for Dutch and international students from various study backgrounds. The programmes relate to current social themes, and involve interdisciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship, theory, research and workshops. We offer the following exchange programmes: 

  • Speculating the Future
  • Arts & Humanity 
  • Arts & Interaction 
  • Research in Immersive Storytelling (in collaboration with Avans University)

Exchange programmes

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For Whom?

Our exchange programmes intended for undergraduate students in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Spatial Design, Photography, Film, Illustration, Animation, Journalism, Mediastudies, Cultural Sciences, Political Studies or any other relevant studies from one of our partner institutions abroad or a Dutch Institution. The programmes start in August 2020 and end in January 2021. 

Arts & Interaction - exchange programme
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Speculating the Future

In the programme Speculating the Future you will learn to use design and art to imagine, explore, experiment and to give form to bold and daring ideas about a future yet to come, regardless of the background of your study. Speculative thinking about the future of humans and non-humans establishes a common ground between the art disciplines, the technological innovation sector, policy making and critical humanities.You will visualise your ideas through speculative design and experimentation. You will become familiar with a range of examples of speculative visions across the arts, and you will learn to contextualize and give form to your own speculative project. You will work creatively and methodically both as an individual and in a team.

Arts & Interaction

In the programme Arts & Interaction you debate the nature, dynamics and value of our network society and you are challenged to design your own point of view. The programme involves a broad exploration of the term ‘interaction’. You can research technological and digital forms of interaction as well as physical and analogue forms. This enables you to explore the fields of media and technical art and generative design, as well as the disciplines of performance art and participatory art. You can script and programme, talk or explore physical interaction.

Arts & Humanity

The programme Arts & Humanity is about engagement. In this programme you look for your own views and opinions on social issues. What are your ideals for society? What can you, as a creative maker or thinker, do to improve the world? How do you create impact? How do you initiate change? How can you, together with others, achieve something that transcends your individual possibilities? You will be challenged to take a standpoint on complex social issues. Individually and in teams you will do research and create work and learn to make effective use of each other's qualities. 

Research in Immersive Storytelling

Immersive storytelling enables you to become totally absorbed in the world of the story. It creates an experience that fully appeals to your senses and lets you actively take part in what is happening. In the programme Research in Immersive Storytelling you will explore your own subject of interest by experimenting, making, reflecting and sharing knowledge with a group of international students and lecturers who do research in this field.

Important dates

  • Nomination deadline: May 1
  • Application deadline: May 15
  • Application deadline Freemovers: May 15
  • Application deadline Kies-Op-Maat (KOM) Students: July 1
  • Start of the programme: August 24

Apply Now

If you have decided to join our exchange programme/minor you will need to apply at Avans University - AKV|St.Joost. 
There are various application procedures:  

After you have been nominated by your home institution, you will be requested to send us your portfolio with recent work, a motivation letter describing your fields of interest, pitfalls and talents and what you would like to explore in the programme. Also we need a proposal of Learning Agreement in which you specify how many ECTS credits you need to gain. Your portfolio and motivation will be reviewed to determine whether you will be offered admission. If you are accepted you will receive a letter of acceptation, after which you are invited to officially enrol yourself through Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Deadline for application
To apply for a place as an exchange student we ask you to enrol before May 15 (nomination before May 1). If you are a student currently enrolled at a another Dutch HBO/WO Institute, you can apply before July 1 via Kies-op-Maat

More course information

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